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RELIGION CAN MAKE YOU FEEL Fearful, Sinful, Damned, Unholy, Unclean, Cursed, Hellbound, , Persecuted, Punished, Perverted, Hated, Depressed, Coerced, Maniplulated, Brainwashed, Exploited, Controlled, Suppressed, Oppressed, Terrorised, Radicalized, Hypocritical, Untolerated, Ignorant, Bullied, Worthless, Desperate, Guilty, Full of Low Self-Esteem & Self-Loathing, Worthless, Damned, A Blasphemer RELIGION SPREADS Hate, Fear, Ignorance, War, Terrorist Atrocities, Violence, Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, Anger, Guilt, Hatred, Murder, Rape, Prejudice, Destruction, Vanity, False Pride, Hypocrisy, Conflict , Genocide, Intolerance ...

The Golden Thread An Anti-Religious Book

The Golden ThreadWe are opposed to organised religions, but we understand that some people do derive comfort and hope from these institutions. if you are disillusioned with the three Abrahamic Faiths, sick and tired of the fear and guilt that they cause then consider taking up The Golden Thread a religion? which has no worship, nor customs. It's npot really a religion, hence the question-mark, it is more of a way of life.

The basic tenets of the Golden Thread are as follows

1/ We should be fruitful to self and others. We should encourage fruitfulness in self and others. Being fruitful to self means adopting the mental and physical condition of looking after oneself, guarding and evaluating one's thoughts and outwardly being amenable and personable.. being fruitful to others means helping and encouraging others, doing all what one can to make the lot of others more bearable, helping them to thrive; family, friends, communities. 

2/ We should not believe in divine punishment in this life, i.e. removal of fear

3/ We should treat all others as equals as God blessed all people equally.

4/ we should discard religious custom and tradition and encourage others to do the same.


5/ We have freewill

6/ We should multiply

7/ We should avoid eating live animals

8/ we should not have fear nor guilt, The ultimate conclusion to this thesis is one that will cause consternation in religious circles. Religion was a human creation that is both unnecessary, inasmuch as humanity does not need it and misleading inasmuch as neither Judaism Christianity nor Islam gives us the true nature of our relationship with God. indeed, if anything they take us far away from our Creator. We kill in the name of God, we fight wars in the name of God, we bow down, pray and worship God in different ways and yet God never instructed us to do any of these things. The only true path for each and every one of us to return to God is to abandon religion forever and a good start would be to remove everything in your Bible from genesis 9:19 onwards!

9/ We believe that we are responsible for everything that happens to us . It may not be our fault when the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune rain down on us BUT we ARE responsible for the way we react to them. In that way we are responsible for all the things that happen to us good and bad and this ownership will set you free. 

10/ If we feel a need to pray to God then we should first state that we are aware that we have freewill and that God does not get involved  with worldly affairs. Then pray your way.  

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The Golden Thread Info

The Golden Thread is a complex multi-layered theological and psychological book with a major difference.  It is also a  work of historical fiction  unusually containing  factual, ground-breaking theology that  will change the readers mind about the nature of God and religion and at the same time provide solutions for all those suffering from religious guilt and fear.  The reason for combining these genres in this way is simple. It brings the theology to life and it is the theology that is most important here. Accompany the book's main character Godfrey Eton, as he attempts to put the theology into actual practice. across 19th century Europe . Whilst the theology cannot be argued with, his horrific methods of putting it into practice will make you think either he is completely delusional or else sane but misguided, not in his thoughts, but rather in his actions. God, religion, murder and madness are the themes of The Golden Thread and  by the end the Reader will gain the most precious insight into the nature of God and religion in this world. Those who suffer from religious guilt and fear will have  a new solution to their issues..

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