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RELIGION CAN MAKE YOU FEEL Fearful, Sinful, Damned, Unholy, Unclean, Cursed, Hellbound, , Persecuted, Punished, Perverted, Hated, Depressed, Coerced, Maniplulated, Brainwashed, Exploited, Controlled, Suppressed, Oppressed, Terrorised, Radicalized, Hypocritical, Untolerated, Ignorant, Bullied, Worthless, Desperate, Guilty, Full of Low Self-Esteem & Self-Loathing, Worthless, Damned, A Blasphemer RELIGION SPREADS Hate, Fear, Ignorance, War, Terrorist Atrocities, Violence, Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, Anger, Guilt, Hatred, Murder, Rape, Prejudice, Destruction, Vanity, False Pride, Hypocrisy, Conflict , Genocide, Intolerance ...

International Court of Moderate Abrahamic Religious Leaders

What Facebook has just done with Nick Clegg is interesting.,an independent court to help Facebook and other social media platforms make decisions as to which content should be included/excluded. The courts rulings are binding...
Perhaps there should be an International court of moderate abrahamic religious leaders , and representative of all factions, whose job it is to interpret all those verses that encourage violence, hatred, divisiveness etc. and either change them, remove them or probably the best option, rule, in a binding way on the best way that they should be re-interpreted . The rulings would be binding on all Rabbis, Priests, Vicars, Imams and so on ...........and if the rules are broken that teacher/preacher should be held accounatble.
Even if the verses cannot be re-interpreted then there should be added a modern day explanation why the verse is not appropriate in today's society.

if you are wondering why we suggest moderate leaders that is because they will set the standard for this revision of the texts 

We urge you, before you reply to also take a look at We played no part in that article but religious violence is on the increase, especially in Europe and requires treatment. 
What are your views on this proposal?


We have three points to make. One is that no one faith can take the lead in any reform which means that something else must take a lead for reform to happen. 

Secondly if religions do not vet themselves soon I imagine that Governments might step in a la Muslims Recoil at a French Proposal to Change the Quran
Islam might be the first target but there will be an insistence on other religions as well I imagine, in the end at least . This may well work in Europe and citizens living in Europe might well accept this for societal cohesion if for no other reason. 

Thirdly why not include in every religious book, for the divisive verses at least , the relevant verses of the other abrahamic faiths plus a commentary ie a move to a unification of the religious books.

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